Tuesday, July 15, 2014

These are very basic notes from a Deadlands Reloaded online game I am in and won't be interesting to most people. You've been warned.


  1. Met Al Swearinger who hired thugs to go up to the ghost town of Prosperity to seek out a treasure trove.
  2. Miss Joney Stubbs: high class hooker
  3. SYE TOLLIVER DEAL: questionable contract;
  4. GHOST TOWN: fire ant giants put to the test; Oakwood Tree has bones of Kit; Kit convinced to join his love whose kin killed Kit; treasure found in well but seems to be tied into a gun battle with a weird piece of writing when June did the vision on it; resurrection/rebirth is ancient text on the gold; tales of the Nameless One; $1000/500 each
  5. Unead showing up in the town of Deadwood
  6. Gold has changed hands before
  7. Sheriff Bullock
  8. Dan the Man is Al Swearinger's number one man
  9. The Crow Father is the one person who can still handle the gold;
  10. Defeat him by finding his other agents; town two days to East;
  11. Patrick Three Clause: steward of the treaty; that lets town exist in Sioux Territory; Sioux Rep;
  12. STAR HARDWARE: Seth Bullock's hardware shop;
  13. STORY: old man heathen town who wandered into Deadwood;
  14. SPIRIT: may take many forms; can be flesh; told by Patrick Three Clause; this in relation to the Crow Father; prophecy of seeking a man that is really a spirit; hard to kill; advisor to Sitting Bull; Order of the Raven; not a Sioux;
  15. Three Clause gives each of us a totem; acorn on a leather thong; wear it around your neck; protect you from the pox; good for success on one anti pox roll;
  16. A.W. MERRICK: editor of the Deadwood Pioneer; spoken to about the heathen old man; thrown out at the Gem/Gin; he was chanting; seems to have cursed the town;
  17. FEB 25 SESSION: zombies attack; Chinese daughter saw man leave pig pen and do things and then return;
  18. MARCH 11: rumor told by Joany; Feds may not back up claims so land and buildings around town will be up for grabs for a good deal; chinese gangs attack Wu; leader had symbol on forehead of a star; very valuable weapons; apparently an enemy clan;
  19. MONEY: Darby makes $120 selling clan weapons in China Alley; Leafton is where a plague came from there from some people; Emerald Lion Clan;
  20. OPIUM: use like healing potions; two uses for dying and heals a wound;
  21. MARCH 25th SESSION: plague in the east towards Sturgess; to the east;
  22. GHOST ROCK MINE PURCHASED BY DARBY: $200; fire sale; haunted; tale of a miner who ran off with a girl from the Gem (Al Swearinger place); they got trapped;
  23. plague is apparently a starving sickness; according to kids brought in by Calamity Jane a la orphanage
  24. LETTER FOR DARBY: it's in code from CSA; a letter to find a man; fugitive wanted: Rodney Swingler; huxster; charlatan; black sorcerer; faustian sorcerer; heading my way; Sturges; always has his traveling cart; $1000.00; send message when done; Richardson at the Grand Hotel;
  25. OPIUM GIFT: 2 uses like healing;
  26. Letter for Jarvis to oversee the mines; love letter to two women; $50 for promissory note;
  27. ON WAY TO STURGES: we enter a church; Elsie Croombraw is the nice lady here; older pastor who has a glow; reverend Ashbee; Squire Hubbard; bread man; farmer liked his pocket watch; Robert Harotonian; mourning death of little girl; father had lost wife a couple of weeks before;
  28. ON TO ANOTHER TOWN: chubby people? German speaking person; tavern person has shown cool spectacles; items connected to plague through tinkerer?
  29. SMYTHE has an amazing map; not typical of regulars;
  30. Zachary Vornberg/Vale/Veil the proprietor; a bum ankle brace from the traveling man; Birk Bethel;
  31. GARRET FAMILY: Jenni Garret (mentioned);
  32. APRIL 22nd: disease targets people who are well loved and generous; floods; going to Leafton; everyone in there seems in perfect health even if crops are washed out by the roads;
  33. The Salesman in leafton named Durant Simpson;
  35. June casts spell in which Jenni Garret is trying to help but food taken out of the mouths of the locals; but it isn't a spell Bryan pointed out for it is an item from The Salesman;
  36. Smythe finds out Jim got kicked by a horse; never right since; hubby to Jenni;
  37. VORNBERG: choice food from Jenni;
  38. NEW NAME: George Plunkett;
  39. 5/6/2014 SESSION: tinkerer (the generous salesman) killed and burned b/c he's a demon; can only return if summoned; found a new town in terror; some ritual type summoned something and something dark pulled a local and that local did not return;
  40. DOCTOR SAWYER: Smythe tries to get a posse going;
  41. HOTEL/LIVERY GUY: Benjamin Drake; and Audrey Curry who runs the general store;
  42. Sent into haunted house to take care of the issue;
  43. JUNE 3 SESSION: we fought giant hands and some undead leader; town freed; witch doesn't trust her cousin anymore who is overseeing my mine; got a new lead about an unfair lynching in the town of Lead;
  44. Jonah will make me a fun; Bryan said a +1 weapon is $1000 plus the value of the weapon;
  45. Adelia is not talking to Jarvis b/c he's a liar and seems to support Adelia's family more than her
  46. BOON CALHOUN: wanted poster; $500 dead; $1000 alive;
  47. GHOST MINE: $50 coming in per month
  48. MR. JARVIS WAITLLEY and Mr. ELLSWORTH: at the mine and did not come back;
  49. 6/17/2014 SESSION: to Darby's mine; Harrison Malloy lead miner that we meet;
    led to mine that was hidden; sign on back has in small letters carved it is eating him (Adelia tells us spiritually); sounds undead like maybe ghouls; headshot, baby
  50. Jonah made torches for us; we saw evidence Jarvis had shot with a unique weapon;
  51. Corpses of both found; Ellsworth has bullet wound; $50 off Ellsworth for Darby;
  52. Smythe takes a gold nugget which is cursed and then 2 badass ghouls show up;
  53. beat up; Jonah almost dead
  54. $200 advance; get info on ghost rock and scientists in the area;
  55. 07/01/2014 SESSION: give $20 to orphanage; group telling jonathan what happened and then talking about going back to Lead and the ghoul mines;
  56. TOWN OF LEAD: bar is empty and people there were afraid of us; Marshall Barker handled some bad incident; the Slaters went evil or weird on the community; fear level in town is 3; penalty of three on fear checks;
  57. 07/15/2014 SESSION: recapping and Brian asked about subplots; I requested more CSA stuff;
  58. AGENCY LETTER: some code involved; operative ranger setting shop up in Deadwood; WH initials;
  59. NINJA AMBUSH: Darby and Mei Lou are ambushed and she reveals her samurai skills;
  60. CONTACT: Willard Higgins; trading company store; wants me to get a ghost rock item from a train very soon (Out of character I bet this will conflict with Smythe's train objectives); Jonah told me a gang was involved;
  61. REWARD: each get $250 for Boone Calhoun bounty; Jonah isn't the wuss boy we thought.

Sunday, June 08, 2014



For those just looking at the pics remember you can double click on one of them to get a manual slideshow. Pics get larger, too. 

Great shot taken by Saul M. This is the atrium level where a lot of official board games take place but there's room for open gaming. It is arguably the loudest section of the convention.

A solid and fun con this year. I plan to return in 2015, obviously.

An awesome picture I got from the Kublacon Conquers FB group.

I mention a lot of people in this post. Look for yourself if interested. 

THURSDAY: an early evening run by Colin Dimock before Kubla officially started (this was the game he ran Sunday night at Kubla). Great fun and I was jazzed up on so much caffeine and adrenaline I went to the gym and got about 4 hours of sleep before having to get up for Friday sign ups.

Colin's crayon sketches. What does it mean? Double rainbow?

Duane O showed up sometime between that game on the way up to his room.

FRIDAY: a lot of standing in line talking with Mike H, Scott M and a few others coming and going. Lots of board gaming chats. Other gamers we met were quite friendly.

I played in Colin's other game with Scott M, Jill S and a guy who was really amusing as a cat doing charades (I think his name was Joe). Yet another fun Colin game and with a group that elevated the gaming consciousness at the table which is rare at any convention.

I played the wife to the doomed horror writer. It turned out to be better than I thought as I felt at first she would be the most passive character.

The suite was empty thereafter so I got a BSG board game going with Mike G., Greg G. and Jonathan. Even though Kubla is the largest con we didn't have much luck getting people so Celesticon has the golden gloves for getting BSG players IMO but I digress.

BTW, for those who don't know this board game was based on a popular SciFi series titled "Battlestar Galactica" (it was a refresh of a previous TV series). You can see info about it here and for shame that you do not know about it:


The humans had not even jumped once when they got hit by technically three fleets (it was two but there was a third I was able to put at the bottom of the deck per a special Boomer power). You need to 4-6 jumps on average as the humans to win the game.

When it's this hectic you put out drone fighters to absorb attacks and protect the colonials.

Who is the Cylon?

Mike G was Baltar, I was Boomer, Greg was Lee Adama and Jonathan was Caine. Even though the rules make it easier for Baltar and Boomer to become Cylons that wasn't the case here. The only Cylon on the board for the entire game was Caine who got her card in the early part of the game. Such is the stuff!

We had two jumps left (in the middle of one) and the stats were really low.

It was tight as the humans got out with 1 morale and had been desperately hanging at that number for several turns. An early jump gave them victory. 

Our Cylon opponent was rightly trying to hit morale in the very last jump track. He almost got us, too. Those are the best games when it's this tight.

The tightest point was just before we moved up the jump track to suffering a -1 population if we jumped early. We were at 3 population and didn't want to take a chance on a -3 hit so we waited and breathed in relief when we didn't get a resource hit. We jumped at a -1 possible loss but as you can see by the cards we did fine even though it wasn't needed.

That game ended way after 3AM and I didn't get to sleep until about 5AM. That run had Greg G, Michael G (first timer who had a victory) and a guy named Jonathan who turned out to be the only Cylon (the humans were doing so bad at the midpoint he didn't need any help at that point per the rules . . . we had almost 3 fleets on us before the humans made their first jump).

SATURDAY: my alarm went off at 8AM for a 10 hour Republic of Rome board game and I promptly turned it off and went back to sleep. 

Too bad as I really wanted to play that game but my body wasn't willing. I made the mistake of checking emails and doing some busy stuff when I arguably should have gone to the con to socialize. I did exchange over 100 texts in my defense but I guess dates don't count so make that about 25 from gamers.

That evening I played in Gil T's game as the one and only Gunny. 

Gunny was the old, flabby veteran from WWI. I liked playing him as just about everyone else was much younger than him.

My favorite part was Gil doing Gunny's favorite bastard son because it eventually tied in with Dovi's character connection to me. I wasn't expecting that at all. Got out after 4AM and to sleep about 6AM.

Also played with Morgan H, Morgan J, Ryan R and Joel.

Joel's character who made the ultimate sacrifice . .. even if he was a boxing punk. :)

My best roll throughout the night. I think this one sort of saved me, too, but since I was the "talkie" I knew I wouldn't be in the front lines of the front lines.

SUNDAY: blew off Napoleonic Wars at 10AM as I had an evening pickup COC goo game that Nick offered to run up on the atrium level. No way I could do both (there's this thing called sleep ya know) and I still had Monday for running my game.

Morning games definitely were not on the menu for Kubla this year.

I played Art Wallis twice. I may need some therapy after the con.

Nick ran a fun game and I was able to play with Basil B, Matt S and Dave S (sorry, Ralph W and all the others who tried to crash it). It may have been the first time I got to see Matt S kill Basil B.

Hippy chicks. I'll take the one on the right, please. Thank you, Mythos.

Finally saw Saul M and his clan board gaming on the atrium level. Also saw Paul B, Sean P and Scott B.

Sunday night as the convention begins to wind down. This was at about Midnight the earliest I left the convention so far.

I was tempted to wander after Nick's game but stayed away from the hot areas as I knew that if I did so I'd be awake past 4AM like the Dundracon 2014 and I didn't want to run into Jesus Christ again since Ezra wasn't there to make a quip (see my Dundracon 2014 blog for more info on that sighting).

MONDAY: I ran my COC game as late as possible which meant 11am. I was able to socialize a bit with Tye and Melissa while on break from the players when they were going over their characters. 

What's on my mind? When not job hunting, I keep thinking about how much I love and miss Table Top RPG's (no LOCAL current group to game with). It was The Mr. Kevin D that introduced me to RPG's (Dungeons & Dragons to be precise) and ever since then, I have always been hooked. I am just so very grateful that I have Shannon Mac as a friend. Shannon, if it were not for your awesome games that you run at the Cons, I think I would go through a mad gamer separation like depression. And that's what's on this nutty mind of mine at this moment. 

----------- Victor C.


The hand of Jason M. declares a vote on a most crucial matter.

Speaking of which 3 of my sign ups didn't show which was absolutely awesome because three people I game with regularly took their seats. As a result I knew 5 of the 6 players (David and Tracey J, Jason M, Cro and Viktor C) and they did quite well and threw a few surprises my way which is why I keep running this game (probably going to do it a couple of times in the summer with some regulars who have yet to play it and some unknowns). I handed out various prizes which also included those from Chaosium (thanks, Nick).

Different angles of the private suite I gamed in on Monday.

Morgan H came in to watch the last 90 minutes of the game, read the notes being passed around secretly by the players and then thereafter we chatted about the con and what makes an “A” game before he took off. Incidentally, a majority of players stuck around to talk about the game which is always a good sign they enjoyed it.

Another great photo from the FB Kublacon Conquers Facebook group.
Tried to link up with Matt S but he was still running. I got into a Kickstarter card game similar to Cards Against Humanity but cleaner with about 10 other people including Nick S, Colin D, the Crow and Alicia H.

That's my "short review" for now. I spoke about a longer one but I'm going to keep it relatively short as I'm busy with other projects.